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Learn why more digital media providers see hoopla as a leading choice.

A new, sustainable channel

Hoopla digital is used by over a million public library patrons who love all forms of digital content. In fact, libraries are providing a significant market for publishers and content providers. And, with digital channels overtaking physical formats to become the dominant revenue stream, hoopla and the library form the ideal way to provide content exposure that's often not possible through more mainstream consumer services - a sustainable channel and service that's growing every day!

Innovative model

We've pioneered the per-circulation transaction model. Instead of buying one or more electronic copies of your titles, participating libraries pay a fee each and every time one of your titles is lent to a library patron. Patrons love it because there are no holds or artificial restrictions hindering their access to titles, and ensures content providers receive a constant revenue stream for as long as their titles are circulating. Plus, hoopla removes the barrier of entry for libraries, allowing them to offer your full catalog of titles.

Content security

Hoopla uses robust industry standard content protection mechanisms which have undergone numerous security reviews by many of the largest content providers in the world. Your content is always safe in hoopla!

Transaction transparency

Our portal for content providers has robust reports and tools that detail circulations and revenue in real time, providing you timely performance insights.

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